Our drivers are our family, and we want them safe.

Safety Department

One of the Goals of the GHI Safety Department is to support and help all of its employees and associates to navigate the world of safety. We strive to assist and educate our driver force.

We want you to make it through a DOT stop with ZERO violations. Our Field Safety personnel perform random tractor inspections on all tractors. This is a complimentary service. When we find issues with the equipment we advise you to get it corrected in a timely fashion. This service is provided to prevent both parties from incurring any CSA points.

Not only do we perform random tractor inspections, we also conduct quarterly terminal audits at all locations. We look for any unsafe practices or procedures to ensure that all of our employees and associates work in a safe environment.

We believe we have a responsibility to the motoring public. We know that education is the key to our success. To that end we hold Safety Meetings, conduct online trainings, have a Safety Committee made up of personnel from various positions in the company’s to share insight on our Safety programs.

truck driver safety

Kenny Hartman Tarper since 6/8/15

I’ve had a couple different positions at Hudson Loading Service, but I like tarping the most. I’ve been here for a few years, and have watched the company grow.

John Hiltz Tarper since7/5/2016

I’m happy to be a part of Hudson Loading Services, which has been growing since I started almost a year ago. Hudson Loading Services provides a challenging work environment that gives me a feeling of accomplishment at the end of the day. I feel my job is secure with the steady flow of work.

ABDOULAYE COULIBALY – GHI Owner Operator since 2016

I chose to lease on with Hildebrandt because of the steady, year-round work. I am now making more money than I expected. The recruiting department was honest about everything I was told. My settlements are always accurate – There’s never been a mistake.

The equipment is always maintained and in great condition. If a repair is needed, it is done quickly so I don’t lose time.

I love working with my local terminal in Burlington. I am treated with respect and dignity.

NICHOLAS GOLDEN – Company Driver since 2016

Always wanted to do flat bed, and found GHI from an online search. The recruiting process was clear, and the hiring process was fast. The staff is quick to respond to questions and problems. I never wait long for loads. Even though I’ve only been here a few months, I appreciate being treated with respect. I’m always given plenty of options to get home every week. I’m making more money now than I ever have.

Allen Hall Tarper since 1/16/17

I like the work atmosphere in tarping and working with the team. My previous job had layoff’s and cutbacks, but I see growth here and it gives me a feeling of job securement.

Titus Burley Tarper since 1/3/17

Hudson Loading Service has given me a great opportunity with a good paying job and benefits. I like working with the team and the management. Our teamwork makes a hard job easier.

Torin Garcia – Company Driver since 2013

I can drive for anyone, but I stay at GHI because of its “family-friendly” atmosphere. Everyone knows me by name, and treats me like family.

Most of the dispatchers are former drivers. They understand the driver’s role and the challenges I face on the road. They keep me working ALL YEAR LONG. There’s plenty of work, if you’re willing to run. AND I’m home every weekend.

Lance Hodgdon Tarper since 7/29/14 Hudson Loading

Hudson Loading Services has given me the opportunity to work with a great team that takes pride in our work. Together we work safely and quickly, while ensuring that all loads leaving our terminal are properly secured.

SATVIR SINGH – GHI Owner Operator since 2016

At Hildebrandt I am always treated with respect. Dispatch listens to me when I have a need, we always help each other as a team.

I am making more money now than I was when I ran OTR, because I have a lot less expenses. My family is very happy that they see me almost every night.

Whenever I return to the terminal from a trip I am greeted with pleasant smile and told that i am appreciated
I wish I had come to Hildebrandt a long time ago.